Terms, Conditions and Policies

To assist with the smooth running of the swim school, and to abide by the conditions of use from the swimming pools could all parents/guardians please take note of the following:

• Please arrive early enough to ensure your child is on poolside and ready for their lesson 5 minutes

before the scheduled start time. It would be preferable for you to arrive earlier for your first lesson to give you time to find everything.

• Please ensure your child does not eat in the half an hour before a lesson. No food is to be consumed on poolside or changing rooms.

• Please make sure all children have been to the toilet before the lesson. If a child requires the toilet

during the lesson they will be assisted from the pool, but the parent/guardian with them will need to take them through to the changing room.

• The changing rooms are out of sight of the pool. No liability is accepted for the loss or damage of any belongings.

• We require the wearing of swim hats to assist with face in the water swimming and to promote water quality. You can buy swim hats from us on poolside if required.

• Please can parents who are not in the water remain on poolside or in the viewing area, unless agreed with your instructor in advance, as children can be easily distracted. Parents must ensure siblings are well supervised.

• To ensure safety on the poolside there must be no running and pupils should not enter the pool until requested to do so by their instructor.

• We operate a zero tolerance policy on violence or abusive behaviour. We reserve the right to remove any person from the premises. Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. A verbal warning will be given followed by a request that the child sits out of the class. If behaviour persists a child may be excluded from the class.

• Remember that the pool is on school property. Please be considerate.

Cancellation Policy

• If we have to cancel a lesson we will endeavour to offer a make-up lesson where possible. If not, a credit will be placed on your next terms fees.

• If you are unable to attend a lesson you will not be eligible for a refund of that lesson.

• If you wish to cancel your lessons during the term you will be charged for the lessons that have been completed plus 3 additional lessons.

Changing Room Policy

For the safeguarding of children Splish n Splash Swim School follow Swim Englands’ WavePower Policy.
This includes the following guidance on use of changing rooms.

Parents should not be in the changing room whilst their swimmers are changing, unless the swimmer is of an age where help is required from the parent of the swimmer or requires additional specific assistance.
This generally is 7 years of age. In such circumstances the parent must be in the same gender as the child.

We are aware that this is not always feasible and often there are mums that bring their sons and dads bring their daughters. Often children younger than 7 are able to change themselves but for those that need assistance our policy is that the sex of the changing room that should be used when a child needs help in getting changed is of the same sex as the parent/adult that is helping them. ie, a mum helping her son should be using the female changing rooms and a dad helping his daughter should be using the male changing rooms. For the safeguarding of children we ask that children do not get changed on poolside or in front of others.

Photography Policy

Photography including selfies are strictly prohibited at all times in the changing rooms and toilets. Parent and carers are asked to only take pictures of their own swimmer especially if those images are to be shared.
It is acknowledged that parent/carers may wish to celebrate their swimmers achievements but it must be respected that others may not.

Splish n Splash may take promotional photos with prior permission from parent/carers.

Data Protection Policy

Splish n Splash Swim School holds the name, address and contact information on its members and the parents/guardians responsible for these members. The swim school also holds medical information and swimming assessment data, this information is used solely for the business of the school as a teaching organisation and is not shared with any third party. Any additional use of the information held would require written permission of the member. We will only contact you regarding affairs to do with swimming such as pool closures, enrolments, newsletters, class times, intensive courses, payment reminders and to discuss a childs progress.

We never use your information for marketing purposes or share with third parties.