Terms and Conditions

Splish n Splash Swim school adopt the Swim England WavePower policy for the Safeguarding and Welfare of all our swimmers. Please see our website for more details.

To assist with the smooth running of the Swim school, and to abide by the conditions of use from the schools we hire the pools from could all parents/ guardians/ family members/ adults responsible for a child whilst at the swimming lessons (hereafter referred to as responsible adults) please take note of and communicate the following;

• Arrive early enough to ensure your child is on poolside and ready for their lesson 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. We advise bringing your child pool ready (if possible) to reduce congestion in the changing rooms. For your first lesson at a venue, allow extra time to find the pool etc. Your welcome letter has a link to detailed instructions to find the pool .
• Do not allow your child to eat in the half an hour before their swimming lessons. If a child is sick during a lesson (except for watery sick due to ingesting water during the lesson) a charge may be incurred by parents due to subsequent pool closure and costs passed to Splish n Splash from the school. No food is to be consumed in the changing rooms or on poolside. All rubbish is to be placed in bins or taken home.
• Children to be encouraged to use the toilet before their lesson. If a child requires the toilet during a lesson, Splish n Splash instructors will assist them from the pool but responsible adults will be responsible for taking them and returning them to the poolside. Any child who is not toilet trained or is unable to clearly communicate if they need the toilet MUST wear aqua nappies. Any soiling of the pool will result in immediate pool closure. A charge may be incurred by parents due to subsequent pool closure and costs passed to Splish n Splash from the school.
• The changing rooms are out of sight of the pool. No liability is accepted for the loss or damage of any belongings. Please see changing room policy for clear instructions about use of the changing rooms by the opposite gender.
• We require the wearing of swim hats to assist with face in the water swimming and to promote water quality. If no hat is worn, a child will not be able to swim.
• Parents must remain on poolside, or within the pool building to assist if a child require assistance out of the pool. Do not approach the pool unless instructed by your instructor as children get distracted easily. Siblings must be well supervised and not cause a distraction to swimmers or others watching the lessons.
• Splish n Splash operate a zero-tolerance policy on violence, threatening or abusive behaviour, language or gestures. We reserve the right to request any person to leave the facilities and will call the police to assist if required. For children in lessons, disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. A verbal warning, including an explanation of the behaviour that is not acceptable, will be given and communicated to the responsible adult, followed by a request that a child sits out of the class. If behaviour persist a child may be excluded from lessons. This includes, but is not restricted to, touching other children, spitting water, intimidating behaviour and damaging equipment.
• Any damage to equipment, deliberately done by a child will incur a cost for their responsible adult.
• School premises are completely non-smoking (including vapes). Any litter must be put in a bin or taken home. Use of other school facilities is forbidden as we are not insured for its use.
• Communication with responsible adults will be via the phone number and email address of the first contact from the booking form. It is the responsibility of the family to keep these details up to date.
• Please familiarise yourself with all the policies of Splish n Splash Swim school, found on our Website.