Children Group


The lessons for children can start as soon as you feel they are able to follow instructions and will be happy to be in the water on their own. We follow the Swim England National Plan for teaching swimming (NPTS) which gives structure and a set number of water skills that will gauge progress and determine their development through from Stage 1.


Our teachers will make the lessons as fun as possible, but will make sure that the structure ensures skills are worked on to build a confident swimmer with all round skills.

For the early courses Stage 1 and Stage 2 we keep the class numbers small (maximum of 4 or 5 in a class) with the teacher in the water to give great attention to each child’s needs. This also ensures that as children develop at different paces instructors are able to modify some activities to challenge each child. As children develop, and swimming skills and technique becomes more important, instructors will spend more time on the poolside to check individual strokes and give feedback as the children swim greater distances.

Children's Classes