Parent and Baby

The joys of watching your baby start to enjoy swimming will be a very enjoyable time. The lessons are designed to be fun and informative, with a mix of songs, games and toys.
For the younger babies (Duckling 1 – up to 12 months) this course gets babies used to the water and looks to build confidence and enjoyment of the water. For parents it helps to give more confidence in the water with baby and helps with bonding and social interaction. Parents develop understanding of how to help hold, move and communicate with their baby to maximise the experience.

As babies develops awareness and interaction skills we move to Duckling 2 (12 – 24 months) which builds on Duckling 1 to give greater awareness of water skills and works on introducing water safety.

From 24 months, the final parent and baby course, before parents watch from the side, Duckling 3, continues the journey. Independence is introduced as well as more formal swimming technique and ensuring water safety skills are well established. We introduce swimming aids and look to establish safety skill so you are confident that they will be ok when you watch them from the side.

Parent and Baby courses are run from Perseid Upper school year round, as well as Grand Avenue and Malden Parochial.