About us

Splish n Splash Swim School runs swimming lessons for parents and babies, young children and adults locally. Lessons take place in local school pools to bring them to the heart of the community. In Sutton, Cheam, Berrylands, Morden, Old Malden and other pools being sought all the time the number of families benefitting is always increasing.

“Andy was brilliant with all the babies and made all the mummies feel at ease too”


The principle teacher Andy has been qualified for over 20 years. His belief and teaching style form the principle and basis for the swim school. For the Parent and Baby classes, bright toys, music/ nursery rhymes and¬† a variety of activities are used to ensure that babies are given the opportunity to explore and feel comfortable in what could be a new or scary environment”

“Many babies will not have been in the pool hall environment, and they are experiencing new things which can produce different responses. But with repetition, other babies to watch and supportive parents to reinforce their efforts, the results can be quite spectacular.”

“Andy was genuinely enthusiastic and caring… plus very patient”


Feedback is given to help parents understand their child’s progress. For adults, time is spent to understand each individuals needs and explain what the instructor is trying to achieve.

With an enthusiasm and passion for teaching swimming the teaching style is a combination of fun and education.

“It is as important to give the parents some skills and tips that they can take with them. That way there is support outside of the lessons which will ensure that the child and baby is given the best opportunity to make this a lifelong skill.”


Group size depends on ability and age. Parent and baby classes are normally up to 8 babies with their parent/ grandparent/ carer or mum’s friend… This is ideal for group interaction. For the children’s groups the younger and non swimmers (stage 1 and 2) are up to 4 children. For adults the group size is 3 per instructor. For all these lessons the instructor is in the water. Only when children progress to stage 4 plus do the instructors spend some time on the poolside looking at technique

“It is great when the parents get to know each other in the pool, and the relationships build up. If they are happy to sing and play around they enjoy it more, and the babies develop their skills faster. Different groups need to focus on different skills, so it is important to understand that, and give each family activity’s at their particular level.”

“…got the balance right between introducing new skills, consolidating skills and having fun. My confidence in the pool has definitely increased”

” This has been …..first swimming classes, and he has really enjoyed all activities. Thank you for making it so great”

“I have learnt a lot about how to teach my daughter to swim and I have been really happy to see her confidence in the water grow”

“….loved her swim lessons and progressed from being afraid of the water to happily swimming under the water and blowing bubbles. She now loves to do this in the bath and likes to splash the water as high as she can!”