Retail Section

Splish n Splash Swim School are delighted to offer a range of swim products to enable you to continue your swimming experience outside the lessons. If you are interested in any of these items please complete a Contact Us form and let us know the items you require. Payment can be made by bank transfer or by cheque. Items will be taken to one of our swimming pools and pick up will be arranged with you.





Watering Cans


Moulded plastic watering cans which enable water to be poured out through a rose. A big hit during our Duckling classes these are fabulous for water confidence in the bath.   A variety of colours are  available and we will try to provide your choice from Red, Yellow, Blue and Green.


Swimming Woggles

Also called noodles, these fun foam “floats” give young swimmers freedom of movement and can be utilised for a variety of games and fun activities for more confident swimmers. 160cm long and a circumference or 20cm. Colours available are Blue, Yellow, Green and Red


Children’s swim hats


Fabric hats designed for small heads. These hats are easy to put on and prevent hair from dripping water in your child’s eyes. As hygiene becomes more of a focus most school lessons and many pools require the wearing of swim hats. Small and medium sizes are available in Navy, Black and Red (all with a white stripe).