Our swimmers and their parents are the best judges of our standards and we take their feedback and comments very seriously. To ensure we continue to strive to exceed the expectations of our swimmers we carry out termly feedback. A sign of the quality of our classes is the amount of positive feedback we get. Below are a selection of the comments we have received from our last term of feedback forms.


Tell us that you think

“Good and pace was just right…… lots of toys for the children to interact with”

“Great and we enjoyed the lessons thoroughly”

“Genuinely enthusiastic and caring about….. progress”

“Balance right between introducing new skill, consolidating skills and having fun”

“(Mum’s) confidence with (daughter) in the pool has definitely increased”

“Very patient with children”

“Pleased with excellent teaching”

“Very pleased and surprised by how much progress they made in just a few lessons”

“I have learnt a lot about how to teach my daughter to swim and I have been really happy to see her confidence in the water grow”

“I wanted the boys to be more confident in the water….. The course has definitely met my expectations and more….. through the approach of the instructor”

“Andy has a natural ability with children and succeeded in making every lesson fun and accessible”

“The course was excellent overall”

“Daughter was terrified of water prior to the lesson…… but after lesson number one was crying because she had to leave the pool.”

” …… loved her swim lessons and progressed from being afraid of the water to happily swimming under the water and blowing bubbles….. now loves to do this in the bath and likes to splash the water as high as she can !”

“Andy was brilliant with all the babies and made all the mummys’ feel at ease too”

“Andy was genuinely enthusiastic and caring… plus very patient”

“My kids did things that amazed me in these lessons. Very happy and impressed”

“…got the balance right between introducing new skills, consolidating skills and having fun. My confidence in the pool has definitely increased”

“This has been (child’s) first swimming classes, and he has really enjoyed all activities. Thank you for making it so great”